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Keeping Your Smartphone Safe From Virus Attacks

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Smartphones are a convenient tool that have become ubiquitous in today’s society. In addition to acting as a mobile phone, they also take pictures, record video, access sites, and even play music, movies, or TV shows. In the last decade, cell phones have become pocket-sized computers. Unfortunately, these “mini-PCs” are also susceptible to viruses that a desktop or laptop sometimes fall prey to. However, protecting your phone is just as simple as keeping your home computer secure, by following a few of the steps listed below.
Unlike with a computer, virus removal may or may not be as simple with a smartphone. The good news is that if your phone is under warranty or insured, you can simply head to your carrier’s store and let a technician check out any possible issues. With insurance, if the phone is “fried”, you can pay a deductible and have it replaced, which is …