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Norman Antivirus 10 Review

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If you have got a new desktop or laptop PC and looking for an ideal security solution then you must explore the features of the latest Norman Antivirus 10 that promises attractive and innovative security features. The developers of Norman Antivirus 10 claim that it is a security suite which is simple to use and self-explanatory.
Some of the significant features of the Norman Antivirus 10 are as follow:
Improved graphical user interface and smarter default settings for effective and convenient navigationImproved and advanced antimalware engine for better protection and blocking of malwareCloud-based real time technology for expedient threat detectionSmaller but efficient footprint that reduces the load on the running environmentEfficient detection of viruses, spyware, worms, Trojan, malware and destructive and malicious codesBuilt-in rootkit protection to prevent unauthorized programs from acquiring access of your PC.
The redesigned user interface shows a lot of improvement as it is now more suitable …


Mit Technology Review

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