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Dell 3 Inspiron Mini Duo

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We know that the maximum size for netbooks with 10.2-inch netbook, and then to a larger 11-inch, so that the business with the top ultra-portable notebook, such as T-series of Sony models. But Dell has recently broken through the routine was to link a 12.1-inch Netbook, model Inspiron Mini 12 is currently the largest aircraft in the market netbook notebook. Inspiron Mini 12 in the internal code-name “Yao Ming”. Is easy to see from the model is Inspiron Mini 12 Inspiron Mini 9, the last generation, an increase in body weight version, with a 12.1-inch LCD screen resolution 1280×800. Obviously, the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is a multi-positioning of the laptop. Compared with the Macbook Air, it is definitely not less portability: 12-inch screen is only 1.24 kg of the weight of the total thickness of only 24mm, plus $ 999 “cheap”, the price is definitely a Macbook Air killer …