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Condoms For Your Pc ? Backup Your Data

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Backup is important and it is usually ignored. It is ignored until some malware wipes out a critical document, a power surge burns the PC, or you look away for a minute at the airport and find your laptop is missing. Let’s look at what you can do to prepare for such a catastrophe.

SIMPLE COPY ? Backup in the form of a diskette copy has existed for years. For a document (up to 1.44 mB), you can copy (or save) that document to a diskette, a thumb drive (256 – 4,000 mB). You can “burn” the data to a CD (700 mB), DVD (4,700 ? 8,500 mB). With a diskette, thumb drive, CD, or DVD, you can take it home with you so that it is stored off-site from your PC. If you work from home, then consider off-site storage at some other location.

You also can use a …