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Netbook Buying Tips

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Netbook is one of the modern forms of personal computers that are lighter in weight and also have the same wireless capabilities as compare to laptop computers. It is also supported be a powerful rechargeable battery which lasts a long time. Netbooks are more attractive than the laptop but its price is too high.
Buying a NetbookBasic features A compact screen, easy to use keyboard, excellent processing capability, built-in wireless capability, a low power consumption and incredibly light weight are some of the key elements in a netbook. It is a great companion for anyone on the move. With increasing availability of Wi-Fi networks, whether it is an airport or a cafeteria or a classroom, the netbook immediately links up and connects us to the rest of the world.Screen size Given that the screen size of the netbook is 8-10 inches diagonally, it can be best utilized for regular work …