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Benefits Of P2P Software Systems At A Glance

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Procure to pay better known as p2p is the process of procuring and managing the raw materials from your suppliers needed for manufacturing a product or providing a service for the payment made to these suppliers for the raw materials supplied. A p2p software can automate the whole process and thus help save time.
It involves flow of data from the manufacturer’s end about the raw material required, quantity of raw material required and the date by which raw material is expected to reach the manufacturer. The supplier, on receiving this data, acts on the order to be delivered to the manufacturer and on fulfilment of the order, insists for the payment of the product or service. The whole process might seem simple if your organization is dealing with a couple of raw materials but imagine a FMCG company which manufactures as many as 20-30 products on a daily basis …


The Benefits of BlackBerry Curve 9320

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People who love their BlackBerry phones know that one of the most affordable models is the BlackBerry Curve 9320. With a QWERTY keypad and optical trackpad the mobile phone runs on the BlackBerry 7.1 operating system. This article aims at identifying the different applications available in this model and the functionality of each of these apps.
One of the most basic and widely used features of a mobile phone is to receive or make calls. In this tech-savvy age nobody has the patience to either remember contact details or copy them onto a telephone book. Instead there is a phonebook in each cellphone. You can group your contact details as business or personal. This feature is common to all BlackBerry models and is a part of the Curve 9320 too. You can use the voice dial feature to make a call instead of using the keypad. There have been no …