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Is Email Backup Vital?

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In today?s computer world, a single person can?t stay with just one single email address. Majority of people using the internet either for home or official use have got at least 2 email addresses, one private and the other one may be official. There are times where the computer behaves abnormally striking a chill in your spine with the horror of loosing the valuable data. Do you really know where your emails are stored on the local computer? The actual question should be ?Do you really care where your emails are stored on the local computer??

?Do you care if you can access your emails all the time and can keep them safe from any undesired computer failures?? Well! Obviously the answer is YES and very often people that don?t backup their important data are left blank because they don?t have a simple solution to take a backup of their …

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Condoms For Your Pc ? Backup Your Data

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Backup is important and it is usually ignored. It is ignored until some malware wipes out a critical document, a power surge burns the PC, or you look away for a minute at the airport and find your laptop is missing. Let’s look at what you can do to prepare for such a catastrophe.

SIMPLE COPY ? Backup in the form of a diskette copy has existed for years. For a document (up to 1.44 mB), you can copy (or save) that document to a diskette, a thumb drive (256 – 4,000 mB). You can “burn” the data to a CD (700 mB), DVD (4,700 ? 8,500 mB). With a diskette, thumb drive, CD, or DVD, you can take it home with you so that it is stored off-site from your PC. If you work from home, then consider off-site storage at some other location.

You also can use a …