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NEO3DO Announces Grassroots Funding Campaign for New Glasses-Free 3-D Android Tablets

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San Diego, CA, February 11, 2013 – A passion for the perfect 3-D experience without glasses has spurred a grassroots funding campaign for the new NEO3DO 8-inch Android tablet computer. The impressive device was pioneered by the company’s two tech-savvy entrepreneurs, David Briggs, 28, and David “Nick” Spriggs, 48. After two years of perfecting their product and $100,000 of self-funded seed money, the two Davids now aim to mass produce their innovation and play in the multi-billion dollar Android tablet market dominated by industry Goliaths Amazon and Google.
The proverbial clock is ticking loudly as entertainment enthusiasts have only 42 days to donate online at and get one early. With a donation of $245, a category called “The Earliest Bird,” 3-D fans may obtain the NEO3DO tablet along wth a steaming 3D media player and application (app).
For a grand donation of $4,500, supporters can obtain a quad pack of …

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Essential Things To Think About While Purchasing a 7 Inch Tablet Android

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Exactly what is a 7 Inch Tablet Android? Could it be much like those conventional laptops? Do you know the best features?
Named computers were initially created for people, who often were around the field work. It offers a number of designs featuring with respect to the brands or lightweight, speed and highly mobile options that come with most of these computers are ideal for the care employees and field specialists.
This tablet computer is basically like the netbooks and laptops. The entire computer display along with other stuffs are encased right into a single small unit, normally weighing 4 pounds or less. Named PC unit includes the ports for connecting optional mouse, computer keyboard, printer, CD/DVD drive, monitor along with other kinds of computer peripherals.
Named PC suppliers, specially the Samsung tablet and Android tablet, retain the top quality and elite options that come with laptops and netbooks which …


Android Tablet PC Data Security on The Battlefield

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For years the military has sought to secure data in transit (DIT) through advanced encryption and secure networks as they communicated with personnel in the field or forward operating bases. The newest challenge to information security is data at rest (DAR), which is stored on devices being used by our troops to evaluate battle plans, communicate wirelessly on secure networks, or any number of other battlefield usages now available to them with a tablet PC.
The dynamics of the battlefield have changed with information becoming one of the most important assets to military personnel. In addition to acquiring enemy intelligence, protecting the information our troops utilize on ruggedized tablet PCs has become essential to the success of military operations around the globe.
rugged tablet pc military public sector battlefield The first, and often preferable, way to protect a DAR storage device is to remove the ruggedized android tablets PC that …