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Is Email Backup Vital?

In today?s computer world, a single person can?t stay with just one single email address. Majority of people using the internet either for home or official use have got at least 2 email addresses, one private and the other one may be official. There are times where the computer behaves abnormally striking a chill in your spine with the horror of loosing the valuable data. Do you really know where your emails are stored on the local computer? The actual question should be ?Do you really care where your emails are stored on the local computer??

?Do you care if you can access your emails all the time and can keep them safe from any undesired computer failures?? Well! Obviously the answer is YES and very often people that don?t backup their important data are left blank because they don?t have a simple solution to take a backup of their emails. Even most popular emailing client software?s like outlook express, Eudora, Incredimail do not provide any backup solutions.

The answer is right here, Adolix Email Backup program which is very easy to use and will take instant backup of all your email clients. Not only that this email backup program will take a backup of your emails but also of your account settings, message rules, mail folders, signatures, stationary and address book. All this with a few simple clicks.
If you are using this program at home then make sure you have separate email accounts for your family members and this is where the program can be at its best as it will take a backup of all those identities which have been configured in the Outlook Express or other email clients.

Backing up your email is no more a concern with this fantastic program. If you are using more than one email client programs then you can also choose a schedule for a backup process to begin automatically for each of them.

All the emails and accounts settings are going to be archived into one single backup file. Not only that, you can even password protect your backup so no other person can access your confidential or personal email conversations.

Finally you can instantly backup and upload your backup directly to a FTP server. All you have to do is provide the FTP server details and in no time all the backup is going to be at a central internet FTP location. No more worries at all. An easy to use and very user friendly interface makes this program a master piece in itself.

This program is very good for all age groups who would want to keep there email backed-up all the time with latest and greatest mailing information. This program is available in multiple languages and a built-in scheduler. Download the trail version today and test this product as it could very well stay in your cool tools collections and a part of daily routine.