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How To View Pst Files?

Have you ever thought about the necessity to view .pst files without Microsoft Outlook? The source files of pst or ost format can be opened not only by your email client, you can also use Recovery Toolbox for Outlook for this purpose. You may ask something like, how to view pst files and why do I need these tricks if everything works properly? Recovery Toolbox for Outlook was not developed to replace Microsoft Outlook and it is not another email client that can send and receive emails. This program is a good addition to Microsoft Outlook, it allows the viewing pst files, if your mailbox gets damaged and you cannot open it normally.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook can view Outlook pst file after the infection of your mailbox or after any other issue that caused the corruption of your email. You may try to compare this solution with similar services for view .pst file, it is free and you can reveal some benefits of this software. We suppose that our users are pressed in time, therefore Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is as easy, as you can imagine.

Even the search of your mailbox is performed automatically on your workstation. You should press the “Search for .pst & .ost files” button in the dialog box of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook and the program will automatically detect all files of pst and ost format, created by Microsoft Outlook. When the view .pst files is ready, you can view pst files that were restored previously and export the contents into a clean file. Choose Recovery Toolbox for Outlook for pst view and view pst, it saves your time and gives you a chance to view pst file without Microsoft Outlook.