How To Clean Duplicate Files In HP Android Memory

When the memory starts to fill up is certainly a problem for Android smartphone users. The full contents of memory can be caused by various things, one of which is a duplicate file. Duplicate files arise for several reasons, such as error during download and others.

So we do not realize, the memory is already fully filled by those files. This time I will give you tips for overcoming memory filled with duplicate files. Check out how to remove duplicate files on Android below.

How to Remove Duplicate Files on an Android Smartphone

Actually you can also delete the files manually one by one, but that way Dafunda Tekno is troublesome. To make it easier, you should follow these tips.

Install Duplicate Files Fixer App

Duplicate File Fixer app can be downloaded directly on Google Play Store. This app is useful for detecting all the duplicate files on your smartphone. So you don’t have to look one by one. The app is lightweight and very easy to use.

How to Remove Duplicate Files on Android

So easy to use, many already install this app on their Android smartphones. You can also follow the steps to use the file duplicate files fixer app below.

  • Now open the Duplicate Files Fixer app and you’ll be faced with some tips. You can skip it to get into the app.
Cara Bersihkan Memori Android
  • You can choose to scan videos, photos, videos, documents, or scan duplicate files at once. This time I will chose to scan the photo file by checking and then tapping Scan Now. Wait for the scan to complete.
Cara Bersihkan Memori Android2
  • If the scan process is complete, the application will bring up all duplicate files. Automatically the app will check the duplicate files and leave them to the original file. If all is not a problem after you check, select Delete Now directly to delete the file.
Cara Bersihkan Memori Android3
  • A pop-up will pop-up later to confirm and select OK. Then wait a while for the file delete process to complete. If a notification appears, select OK to end the process of deleting duplicate files.
Cara Bersihkan Memori Android4

That’s a handy way to erase memory full of duplicate files on Android. If you feel full memory, you can use this way to free up storage space on your android phone.