Acquire Expert Services To Combat Data Loss From Firmware Issues

Generally, firmware denotes small programs which internally controls various electronic devices. In hard disks, firmware is an embedded code which controls its basic functions. Some important functions of firmware include correctly configuring the hard drive and putting it in a ready state, correctly interacting with various components on the system, correctly executing the shutdown sequence and so on. If due to any reason, this firmware gets corrupted or unreadable, the computer won’t be able to interact with the disk. Moreover, the data saved on the disk will become inaccessible, giving rise to an unfortunate data loss situation which can only be handled by availing data recovery services.

Availing data recovery services in New Jersey is not an onerous task, since there are many ventures to support myriad of industries which have made this state their home. These data recovery ventures have ensured organizations of safe and timely data recovery if ever they confront dreadful hard drive failures.

Firmware issues are major contributing factors to hard disk failures. Whenever there is an issue, the damage is either sustained to firmware code itself or to few hard disk parameters located on the platter surface accessed by the firmware. Let’s have a look at the symptoms of firmware corruption in a hard disk:

  • The hard disk is incorrectly recognized in the BIOS
  • The hard disk is not at all recognized in the BIOS but spins and sounds as normal
  • The device becomes ready but only after a minute or so has been passed
  • The hard disk is recognized but the data becomes inaccessible

When the hard disk’s firmware gets corrupted, data recovery becomes an affected individual’s top priority. Recovering data from hard drives with firmware corruption involved low-level programming and manipulation of the hard drive.

The data recovery experts in NJ are proficient to handle each and every cause of data loss from a hard drive. They are well-versed in recovering data if a hard disk gets subjected to firmware failure, logical failure, mechanical failure or physical failure. If a disk has got physically damaged, the experts will tackle it in sterilized environment of Clean Rooms, thus ensuring that disk internals remain safe.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc is an entrusted name in providing efficient and affordable data recovery services in NJ. It is a reliable name when it comes to recovering data from hard disks in almost all instances. Invasive recovery, in case of physically damaged hard disks, is performed by experts in Class 100 Clean Rooms. With a team of highly-skilled technicians and a vast array of proprietary tools, Stellar provides recovery for all hard drive interfaces including SATA, PATA and SCSI.